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This book has been collecting dust in my book case for ages: I bought it a few years ago, soon after it was published, it was a present for my husband, it talked about his country of birth, moreover it was written by a witty, brilliant comedian, Trevor Noah.

I promised myself I would read it sooner or later. A few weeks ago I was desperately looking for a book that could attract me and defeat my temporary “reading laziness”: Trevor caught my eye and hasn’t disappointed me so far: funny, sarcastic, bitter sometimes.

Today, while I was fully immersed learning about his first Valentine standing him up, his constant floats among different ethnic groups of friends, trying to be accepted by one or the other, I came across some lines that really touched me:

I don’t regret anything I’ve done in life, any choice that I’ve made. But I’m consumed with regret for the things I didn’t do, the choices I didn’t make, the things I didn’t say. We spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But regret is the thing we should fear most. Failure is an answer. Rejection is an answer. Regret is an eternal question you will never have the answer to. “What if…” “If only… “I wonder what would have…” You will never, never know, and it will haunt you for the rest of your days.

If I look back at my personal life, I can count some failures and rejections, but very few regrets, and you?

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