I ran across this book a couple of years after my partner had given it to me. He was coming back from a business trip and knew that a book was the right gift for me: I was attracted by both the cover and the title, but had no time to read it, so I put it on my book shelf, let it cover with dust, knowing it would sooner or later come in handy when in need of relaxation and leisure.

I was waiting for the right time to read it, and the moment came: it has an engaging plot, and keeps you glued to its pages until the end, perfect reading for a long flight, or a rainy weekend.

Anyway, the reason why I am talking about it, is because, between one event and the other, the narrator talks about overcoming hard times and gives her simple yet profound thought about life that I believe is worth sharing with you. It spoke to my heart, I am sure it will speak to yours too.

The thing about coming close to true and absolute danger or grief is that life is never the same again. It can’t be, but we have to go on anyway. That’s what we do – humans, animals, the waves of the sea – we keep going. Our persistence is the only consistent thing about us. (…) after you are slammed up against horror and disaster, it’s done. Just that. You can’t change it. So there are only two routes left available.

You can decide to cower away, go home, lock your door and perpetually fear every shadow. You can incessantly look to the darkness, waiting for the next threat to emerge, remain convinced that life is strewn with hardships and disappointments and nothing more.


You can throw open your door, your heart. You can remind yourself, every day if necessary, that you got through. That everything passes. You can take comfort and strength from the fact that when it came to the wire you were not just a survivor but a warrior.

I am a warrior, (….). The world is populated with ordinary people who have shown their strength and bravery by refusing to fear shadows.

Adele Parks “A Stranger in my Home” Photo: www.adeleparks.com
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