When blindness shows us the way…

When I read the title of this book, All the light we cannot see, I was immediately attracted by it; reading the synopsis only made me more curious. I bought it and started to read it straight away, and a whole world opened up in front of me: World War II, the hard time children had during the war, their uncontrollable energy and purity, regardless the world around them falling apart…. I just loved this book.

It shows you that sometimes sight is not what makes us see where good is, where danger is; sometimes life blindfolds us with prejudice, hate and discomfort, sight only channels us through preconceptions, that prevent us from seeing clearly where real values are. In those occasions what we need is someone who wakens us, who shows us the way: what if this guiding light is a blind sixteen year old girl?

This book was a real page-turner, it reminded my selfish ego that there have been much worse times than 2020, it pinched me making me realize that children of war had a way harder time than mine, and forced me to put one more name in the list of the sites I wish to visit: Saint Malo, France.

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