It’s never too late to love and be loved

I have heard various comments on  Kent Haruf, I finally managed to read one of his works and judge myself. I liked Our Souls at Night,  a short, simple novel, which takes us to a small town in America, where two elders try and find love and tenderness in a peculiar partnership.

The quotation I chose  perfectly reflects the extreme simpleness of Haruf’s  style, yet his effectiveness. When you reach a certain age you don’t look for sparkles, neither you feel like being flamboyant in your ways or words: yet you know more than others do, you’ve seen a lot, lived a lot… Carl and Addie go for simple things and they manage to recover happiness for a while, until prejudice and selfishness burst in.

Here’s my quotation for the day: enjoy your week end and enjoy your readings!

You can’t fix things, can you, Louis said.

We always want to. But we can’t.


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