I read this book in 2010, a few months after it had been published. The memory of what had happened a year before, on January 15th 2009, on US Airways flight 1549 was still vivid in many people.
One of the million national flights that transport passengers from one city to the other had faced a forced landing on water, namely ditching, in the Hudson river, resulting in no fatalities, only a few injuries.
I was obviously very touched, having spent 16 years on planes; but what really hit me about this book was the true, honest and focused analysis about many issues, thus becoming an interesting read for non flying types too.
Last week I watched the movie inspired by Captain Sullenberger’s experience, “Sully”. I was touched by the ditching scenes, possibilities I was trained for and thank God never forced to face.
After having watched the movie I went through the book’s pages and found them once again very useful. Captain Sully reports life experiences, family struggles, companies’ issues and the controversies existing within working environment, be it airlines or any other business.
In this book you understand much about the man in the uniform; moreover you understand that with dedication, continuous updating, honest and focused hard work we can make the difference when facing an abnormal situation, given a stressful unforeseen event, short time, short runway or, this is the case, no runway at all.
Therefore my suggestion today is suitable for all kinds of readers:
Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger Highest Duty, Harper Ed.

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