I am Malala

We’ve been locked down for 5 weeks now, before which we had had two full weeks of schools, libraries, sport centers closures … a totally new situation we were not prepared to face. We are now slowly coming to terms with it, finding new ways to socialize, to teach, to learn, to sympathize with each other.

I only decided by chance to read Malala’s autobiography, the book had been lying so long on my night table. One night I just picked it up and decided it was time to give it a try. Well, I found it of great inspiration. She was only eleven when she realized the Taliban regime wouldn’t allow girls to go to school, and she decided to speak out and protest..

Our kids are facing the same restriction, although for different reasons, and I believe they are starting to realize how school, and all that surrounds it, has a massive role and importance in their lives.

Vacation is fun ….for a while ….. but we all need our normality to be reassured everything is ok.

So this is the slogan I started one of my video lessons with Malala’s words:

When someone takes away your pens you realize quite how important education is…

Malala understood it in far worse conditions than ours, we know this won’t last forever, we must just wait patiently and try and follow Milan Archbishop’s suggestion: “Situations turn out as occasions sometimes“.

This is the time we can take the opportunity to appreciate little things, to stop and reflect on what our life used to be … because it will never be the same, hopefully: we will have learned not to take things for granted, not to think we’re invincible and immortal.

I also invited my students to keep a diary, just as Malala did, and I have been doing for the last 42 years of my life… it’s a way to read deep down into your own feelings, fears, hopes, it helps to come to term with reality and sometimes with ourselves, and reminds us never to forget.

Good read, for teens and for us. I recommend it.

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